Soy Lecithin in Bakery application


Soy Lecithin in Bakery application. Soy Lecithin is a naturally occurring group of phospholipids that are widely used in processed foods like baked goods because of its surface-active properties. Phospholipids are one of nature’s principal emulsifiers.
Commercial soybean lecithin can be directly added to exert a significant, positive effect on baked product quality, shelf life, and processability. It is available as a powder or in liquid forms.

lecithin in baking

Soy Lecithin in Bakery  Functions:

  • Wetting agent
  • Pan Release agent
  • Cake batter stabilizer
  • Fat replacer
  • Emulsification agent

Soy Lecithin Hydrophilic-Lipophilic-Balance (HLB) is intermediate and ranges from:

  • 3-4 for Soy lecithin fluid
  • 7-8 for de-oiled soy lecithin
  • 8- >10 for modified soy lecithin

Applications in Bakery:

  1. Shelf Life extend
  2. Dough Conditioning
  3. Emulsification
  4. Crumb Structure
  5. Dust Control

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