Hydrolyzed Soy Lecithin powder (GMO)-

LeciPOW™Hy95 Description:

LeciPOW™Hy95, Hydrolyzed deoiled soy lecithin powder, is a hydrolyzed modified soy lecithin that has hydrophilic properties. It disperses easily in water and forms a stable emulsion. It is a good "oil-in-water" emulsifier (O/W). It has a high phospholipid concentration of 95% and "Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB)" value: aprrox 10. It is insoluble in acetone, soluble in ether and n-hexane, and partially soluble in ethanol and isopropanol.

deoiled soy lecithin fine powder
soy lecithin powder inner package


In the production of animal feed, the uneven distribution of feed components such as oil, protein, vitamins and minerals leads to lower feed efficiency and higher production costs. Hydrolyzed Soy Lecithin is a good natural emulsifier (especially Oil-in-Water ) that improves the uniform mixing of different feed ingredients.

Phospholipids contain lysophospholipids (LPC) as a fat emulsifier for hydrolysis/lysolecithin, which can promote fat breakdown in poultry and increase the growth rate and body weight of animals.


Acetone insoluble min 95%
Acid Value max 36 mgKOH/g
Hexane Insoluble max 1%
Value of peroxide max 10 meq/kg
Arsenic max 1 ppm
Heavy metal max 10 ppm


in 20KG net weight cartons, 5KG X 4 Aluminum Foil bags inner;

in 25KG net weight cartons, 5KG X 5 Aluminum Foil bags inner;

Storage condition:

Keep in a cool, well-ventilated place, stored away from extreme heat and away from strong oxidizing agents.