Soya Lecithin Fluid Low Viscosity-LeciOIL™LV50

The Brief

LeciOIL™LV50 is a Low Viscosity Fluid Soya Lecithin. The feature is the viscosity Max 2000 mPa s which makes spray processing during food or feed production.

low viscosity soy lecithin
soy lecithin liquid loading

For what Used of LeciOIL™LV50

LeciOIL™LV50 is used in industries that require Lecithin low viscosity, high fluidity such as spraying processing. It has good Co-emulsifiers, Superior wetting, and dispersibility properties.

Specification of LeciOIL™LV50

Acetone insoluble: 55%
Moisture: 2% max
Toluene Insoluble matter: 0.3% max
Viscosity CPS 25℃: 2000 max
Acid Value mgKOH/g: 35 max
Peroxide Value meq/kg: 10 max
As: 1 ppm max
Lead: 1 ppm max

Packing and Delivering

LeciOIL™LV50 packed in 25KG plastic drums, 200KGS net weight iron drum, 1000KGS IBC drums;

Delivering time: within 15 days after order contract