Deoiled Lecithin

Deoiled Soya Lecithin is a solid Lecithin produced by removing the Soybean oil through the extracting solvent-acetone. The deoiled soy lecithin has a higher content of phospholipids which has an excellent emulsifying character.

De-Oiled Soya Lecithin is outstanding for its character of improving food emulsification, dispersion function. It contains important nutrition phosphatidylcholine for the human body, so it is widely used in baked goods and instant foods.

According to different applications and processing techniques, we provide customers with products of different shapes: Lecithin Fine Powder, Lecithin Granular, large granular Lecithin, and Micronized Lecithin Granules. We can also produce deoiled Lecithin in new shapes and special applications according to your requirements. Our Deoiled Lecithin is produced from three main sources of raw materials: soybeans, sunflower seeds, fresh egg powder.