Deoiled Soy Lecithin

Deoiled Soy Lecithin (dry soy lecithin) is dry solid lecithin prepared by removing the soybean oil from the crude soy lecithin oil using the extraction solvent acetone. Deoiled soy lecithin contains high content of phospholipids, which reach 95% above concentration.

Deoiled soy lecithin is characterized by its ability to improve the emulsifying and dispersing function of food. It contains the nutrient phosphatidylcholine which is important for the human body and is therefore widely used in food industry such as bakery products and instant foods.

Depending on the different applications and processing techniques, we offer our customers products in various forms: Lecithin fine powder, lecithin in granule form, lecithin in medium granule form, and micronized lecithin in granule form. We can also produce deoiled lecithin in new forms and special applications according to your requirements. Our deoiled lecithin is made from three main raw material sources: Soybeans, sunflower seeds, and fresh egg powder.

Why do they use deoiled soy lecithin in food?

Deoiled soy Lecithin has a high content of phospholipids, the purity reaches about 97%. In the food industry, phospholipids are used as a natural emulsifier, and higher levels of phospholipids help to increase the uniform distribution of fat grease in the product.