What is lecithin powder used for?

Lecithin is obtained from soybeans, sunflower seeds, or eggs. People used Lecithin as its natural emulsifier, Lecithin Powder is deoiled Lecithin which the oil has been removed.

Used in Bakery, Instant beverages, Baby Foods & Infant Formula, Cheese products, cottage cheese, yogurt, granola, cereal, salads, fruit, shakes, and juices.

  • Wetting agents

  • Emulsifier agent

  • Viscosity modifiers

  • Softener agents

  • Dispersing agent

  • Mold Release aids agents

  • Surfactants agents

  • Extends shelf life

What is lecithin powder made of?

The Soy Lecithin powder is made from Soy Lecithin Oil (by removing the oil)

Lecithin powder where to buy in Bulk?

Orison Chemicals Limited produces and supplies ‘Soy Lecithin Powder’ non-GMO based in China.


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