Soy Lecithin Liquid (Standard)

LeciOIL™ 600-Standard Soya Lecithin Liquid

LeciOIL™600 is liquid soy lecithin obtained directly from the production of soy meat and oil (GMO) without further processing. It is a viscous, runny brown liquid. It is composed of two groups of substances: Soy lecithin (phospholipids) makes up about 60% and soybean oil about 40%.

Soy Lecithin Liquid (LeciOIL™ 600) Features

  • Color: Dark Brown Fluid
  • GMO Status: GMO
  • Modification: none
  • Beaching: Not bleached
soy lecithin liquid
soy lecithin liquid loading

Application of Soy Lecithin Liquid

Standard Soy Lecithin-LeciOIL600 is liquid soy lecithin obtained from the processing of soybean oil. It is mainly used in the feed industry as a natural source of phosphatidylcholine (PC) for animal growth. It is mainly used in aquatic feeds such as fish and shrimp feeds, which provide aquatic products with nutrients for cell membrane growth. Lecithin is also involved in the absorption and metabolism of fat by animals, which can improve the utilization rate of animal feed, promote animal growth and reduce production costs.

Specification of Soya Lecithin Liquid

Appearance: Brown Liquid
Acetone insoluble: 60% min
Acid Value: 35mgKOH/g max
Moisture: 1% max
Gardner: 17 max
Viscosity (cps @ 25° C) :15,000 max


in  200KG iron drums with pallets; 16MT/20'GP

in 25KG plastic drums;

in 1000KGS IBC drums

Storage Conditions

Shelf Life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in proper original packing under 25°C.