Soy Lecithin Powder Feed Grade (LeciPOW™95F)


Soy Lecithin Powder Feed Grade (LeciPOW 95F) is deoiled soy lecithin fine powder for animal feed application. The product is produced from GMO soybeans without modification which makes it more cost-save for use in the feed industry. Lecithin functions as an emulsifier, wetting agent, dispersant, filling three vital roles with a single ingredient in animal feed production.

soy lecithin milk replacers
soya lecithin powder gmo

The application of soy Lecithin powder (LeiPOW95F)

Phospholipids and glycolipids occur naturally in plants and animals body, and they worked as a natural source of choline, improving animal digestion and absorption of nutrients. Phospholipids are considered safe feed additives for all animals.

Emulsifier:  in the animal milk replacer aid fat and protein dispersion in water.
Dust reducer: reduce dust from dry powder feed and help various ingredients to bond.
Bulk pellets: to offer emulsification and wettability for feed production, Enhances pellet structure

Soy lecithin is considered safe for all target species such as: Poultry,Fish & Crustacean,Swine & Pig,Cattle, Pets.


Appearance: yellow to a brown fine powder (free-flowing)
Acetone insoluble: 95% min
Acid Value max 36 mgKOH/g
Value of peroxide max 10 meq/kg
Arsenic max 1 ppm
Heavy metal max 10 ppm
Moisture max 1%


inner packed in 5KG bags, outer packed 20KG cartons, 4X5KG bags in a carton

Inner Packed in 5KG bags, outer packed in 25KG cartons, 5X5bags in a carton.

Storage condition:

Storage in dry and cool place, the room temperature ideal under 25 deg, avoid from sunlight and moisture.

Shelflife: 24 months in the original package.