Soy Lecithin improves animal productivity and feed conversion rate

Soy Lecithin’s main ingredients contain fat, soybean Phospholipid choline, unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E, and so on. It is an important part of the animal biofilm. It is an indispensable component of the bone marrow and internal organs of the nerve tissue of the animal’s brain, especially for the growth and development of young animals. Most phospholipids are present in the mitochondrial and particles of cell membranes in the cell wall in the form of protein complexes. Phospholipids are also involved in the activity of sodium and potassium ions in animals, activating some nerve tissue.

At present, our company produces mainly soy lecithin oil feed grade and deoiled soy lecithin powder. Soybean phospholipids oil contains 40% soybean oil and 60% of phospholipids. Soy lecithin powder contains no less than 95% phospholipids, it can provide animals with high purity phospholipid supplements.

The proportion of soybean phospholipids added to feed can be determined according to the size of the animal and the stage of animal growth. When using degreased phospholipids, the amount added in the prawns or prawns is about 2%. Add about 1% to the calf feed. Add about 1% to the pig feed. The specific amount added should be determined according to the feed composition




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