Soy Lecithin Categories

Orison Chemicals Limited start committing to developing Soy lecithin in the Year 2009, our business scope includes bidding on crude soy lecithin oil from soybean mills, manufacturing deoiled soy lecithin powder/granules, deep processing riched single phospholipid (such as PC and PS). With our experience in the China market, we have the ability to offer different grades and applications of soy lecithins.

Brand nameProducts NameFormContentnon-GMOGMO FSSC2000HalalKosher
LeciPOW™ 97PSoy Lecithin Powder Non-GMO food gradeFine Powder97% min
LeciPOW™ 97GSoy Lecithin granules non-GMOMeddium size granules97% min
LeciPOW™ 97MGSoy Lecithin Small granules non-GMOSamll size granules97% min
LeciPOW™ 95PSoy Lecithin Powder GMOFine powder95% min
LeciPOW™ 95FSoy Lecithin Powder Feed GradeFine Powder95% min
LeciPOW™ Hy95Hydrolyzed Soy Lecithin powder (GMO)Powder95% min
LeciPC™ 80Soy Phosphatidylcholine (PC) 80%Paste PC 80% min
LeciPC™ 50Soy Phosphatidylcholine (PC) 50 %Waxy SolidPC 50% min
LeciPC™ 30Soy Phosphatidylcholine (PC) 30 %PowderPC 30% min
LeciOIL™ 60Standard Soy Lecithin LiquidViscous liquid60% min
LeciOIL™ 601Modified Soy Lecithin Liquid (Hydrolyzed)Free flowing liquid58% min
LeciOIL™ 602Modified Soy Lecithin Liquid (Acetylated & hydroxylation)Free flowing liquid58% min
LeciOIL™ LV50Low viscosity soy lecithin liquidoil-like liquid50% min