Soy Lecithin liquid for Paint industry

lecithin in paint

Soy Lecithin liquid industrial grade is used as a natural emulsifying, anti- splatter additive, and stabilizing agent in paint applications:

1. Emulsification of paint
Based on the special molecular structure of soybean lecithin: it has the hydrophobic part which acts on oil, and the hydrophilic part acts on water, forming tiny droplets, thus forming a stable oil-in-water emulsion. This feature can help the hydrophilic and lipophilic substances in the paint to be evenly combined.

2.Stabilizing agent in paintting products
Mix soy lecithin in the paint, it will combine the oily molecules of the paint water-based molecules and keep them remain stable. It also help to avoid air bubbles and other reactive substances produced in the paint mixture which will affect the quality of the paint.

3.Antioxidants ageny in paint
Antioxidant is a product that protects a product from oxidation such as rusting. Lecithin in paint can act as an antioxidant, but all depends on the concentration of soy lecithin in the paint.

4.Soy Lecithin as wetting agent in paint
Due to the hydrophilic structure contained in soy lecithin, it allows the product to retain water and thus keep the surface moist. Adding phospholipids to paint also takes into account the size of the paint particles, smaller particles need more phospholipids to achieve a wetting effect

5.Viscosity modifier
For the paint to work smoothly, it needs to be dense enough. Therefore, lecithin helps control the viscosity of liquids and semi-liquids. In order to reduce viscosity, the surface tension in the oil needs to be reduced. Therefore, it allows the particles to be coated. When particles are coated, they flow better, improving their mixing process. This process allows the paint to be easily mixed during production, creating a good product.

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