modified soy lecithin fluid

Modified Soya Lecithin Fluid-LeciOIL™ 601

What is Soy Lecithin Modified

LeciOIL™ 601 is a "Modified Soya Lecithin"  which is acylated and hydroxylated and other methods modified. The modified product has good oil-in-water (O/W) or Oil-in-Water (W/O) properties and can be quickly dispersed in water to form a stable emulsion. Modified Soy Lecithin is mainly used in industries such as feed additives, leather processing, etc.

For what use of LeciOIL™ 601

Modified Soya Lecithin-LeciOIL 601 is mainly used as fat liquors for leather. It has binding properties with leather fibers to make leather soft, plump, and even waterproof. It can also be used in tanning and pre-tanning processes to promote the uniform distribution of chromium and grease.

LeciOIL601 can be used in animal feed to play the role of moisturizing, dispersing, and emulsifying. it is also a nutrient ingredient to offer choline, phosphorus, inositol.

Specification of LeciOIL™ 601

Acetone insoluble: 60% min

Acid Valu: 35mgKOH/g max

Moisture: 1% max

Gardner: 17 max

Viscosity (cps @ 25° C) :12,000 max

Packing and Delivering

Modified soya Lecithin Fluid packed in 200KG net weight drums with pallets, 25KG/1000KGS IBC drums available;

Delivery time: within 15 days after order confirmed;