Is lecithin halal?

Soy lecithin (E322) is a mixture or fractions of Phospholipids, It comes from the dehydration of oily feet during soybean processing. Its ingredients include Phospholipids, Triglycerides, Carbohydrates, and trace protein. The production process mainly involves chemical solvents: acetone, ethanol, etc. There are no other animal ingredients involved in the entire production process. As a product of pure plant origin, it is generally considered halal.

Lecithin (Phospholipids) can also be extracted from other plant sources: sunflower seeds, rapeseed, and eggs. Therefore, if lecithin is from egg yolks or plant sources, it will be permissible.

Animals also contain phospholipids, but for commercial lecithin markets used in the food or feed industry, there is no case to use lecithin extracted from animals, so most of the lecithin on the market can be considered halal.

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