LeciPOW™ is a deoiled Phospholipid (E322) that has an emulsifying function that is widely used in the food industry. As a high-efficiency natural emulsifier, powdered phospholipids can provide high-efficiency emulsification for food processing: they can mix fat and water evenly to form an emulsion and can combine oil and water to form a suspension. The HBL value of standard powdered phospholipids can reach about 7.

Our company's powdered soy lecithin can be divided into different specifications and applications according to different sources of raw materials: LeciPOW95P product raw materials come from genetically modified soybeans without decolorization, the main feature is low price and can be used for genetically modified food processing or feed. LeciPOW97P products are derived from non-GMO soybeans for use in foods with non-GMO ingredients. LeciPOW Hy95 is a modified powdered phospholipid, which is water-soluble and more easily soluble in water. It can be used in beverages, milk powder, instant protein powder, and other products.

Orison Chemicals Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of powdered soy lecithin (E322) based in China. Our production facility can offer over 5000MT high-quality powdered soy lecithin per year for the market. The production facilities have passed the HACCP food safety system. LeciPOW™ as our registered trade marks has been widely recognized by customers as high-quality powdered phospholipids.

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