How Lecithins Work?

How Lecithins Work?

Lecithins are used mainly as natural emulsifiers. They are surfaceactive with the characteristic of simultaneous hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, which enable lecithins to make stable blends of materials oil and water.

Lecithins also have characteristics that help:

• Disperse and suspend powders into liquids
• Control the viscosity of liquids and semi-liquids
• Prevent foods from sticking to contact surfaces
• Prevent adhesion of food products to one another

Orison Chemicals Limited, the Lecithin Expert in China. We do supplying different grade of soy lecithin based in China. In association with major phospholipid processors, we can offer the market different phospholipid products: phospholipid oils and deoiled phospholipids (powder and granules). It can provide suitable products for food industry, feed industry, paint industry, oilfield chemicals and other industries.


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